About Haumann Smal Design Studio

Eddie & Linda

Haumann Smal would be nothing without the main duo: Eddie Haumann & Linda Smal. Eddie & Linda became friends while studying together at Stellenbosch University, after which they both started working at Janice Ashby. When they had gained enough experience, they decided that with their combined skills they should start a wine label design business. It was in 1998 that they created Haumann Smal – 20 years later they are one of the leading wine label design firms in South Africa.

HSDS & Wine

Haumann Smal is a medium sized design studio based in Stellenbosch. Our team of designers and freelancers specialise in the development of brand identities and packaging, mainly in the highly competitive wine & spirits industry. Haumann Smal has had more than 20 years’ of practice in the wine label design industry. Our passion and motivation lies in the success of our clients, as we believe in building personal & strategic partnerships. Our full-time team of highly specialised designers have extensive experience with both local and international wine brands. 

More Than Wine

Although Haumann Smal specialises in Wine Label Design, we also do a variety of other design work. Besides packaging design, we also packaging for food, beverages, beer, or non-food items. We also design point of sale material, websites, logos, stationery, branding material and develop social media strategies for a variety of brands. If you would like to find out more, please feel free make an appointment at our Stellenbosch design studio or drop us a mail at [email protected]